Web Design Process | Preparing Your Look and Feel

Web Design is the first step of the overall process of building websites. It also happens to be the foundation the web development staff will later install custom call to action elements that makes your Boise website a service to online shoppers and browsers.

Website Design - Boise Businesses and Idaho Organizations
Each website design we create is unique yet most of them are for Boise businesses and Idaho related organizations. During the web design process you will be personally assisted by our in-house designer. The process begins by appointment in our Boise office. Within this session the designer takes inventory of any design resources presently in use promoting your brand. The web designer then starts an in-depth interview that documents your personal input or specific requirements. Throughout a website redesign project the process is very similar.

Traditional Brick and Mortar Appearance - Online Coherent Navigation
The web design appointment usually takes an hour or less however the main goal is to prepare your look and feel to evolve into the website you and your prospective customers want. Much like a traditional brick and mortar establishment a website needs a pleasant appearance with a coherent navigation system directing online visitors to locate the products, services, or information they are searching for and this is what we can help you create.