Website Messaging and Content

Be Compelling. Be Captivating. Be Concise.

Creating the RIGHT MESSAGE for the RIGHT PERSON at the RIGHT TIME is the challenge you face when trying to engage your audience. If your message is important enough to put on your site, then it is also important enough to work and rework until you get it right. Your Web site should attract the right people, send them the correct message, create the appropriate tone and style, and convert them into readers, customers, or subscribers.

Original and Accurate

Your content should not only inform your audience, but also captivate them. Your messaging should be relatable and informative to the general audience yet connect with and accommodate your niche within that market. Generic content is just that, generic. In order to stand out from the crowd, your message needs to be tailored to fit your values and your market's needs.

Understand Your Mission

Understanding your mission, your target audience, and your value proposition is your secret weapon in creating shared value between you and your audience. This is a crucial, yet often overlooked aspect of Web presence. There is a reason why there are billions of pages of irrelevant content on the internet. Unscrupulous online marketers, schemers, and otherwise inexperienced users constantly produce bad content, for the purpose of getting ranked and push any content that has the potential of snagging Web traffic. They spend time, effort, and money to make their sites 'appear' relevant, authoritative, and popular. However, finely tuned messaging will garner more effective connections than generic inflated content.

Creating your Core Message

This is a multi-step analysis where we help you identify the ideal characteristics of your audience and create your message in a way that connects with them on the appropriate level. This usually starts by identifying your top readers, customers or clients and then asking yourself "Why are these people my top readers?" Once you build a list of those characteristics, then you have the tools necessary to build a Persona. A Persona is a fictional person based on those characteristics and humanizes the interaction between you and your audience. You may find two or three separate audiences, develop additional Personas and segment your audience into logical groups. The trick of developing your message is understanding that you are writing to meet the needs of a specific Persona and replicating that core message for each of your consumers instead of trying to create messaging that appeals to the masses.

We Develop GREAT Content

You now have the mental and emotional toolset to create content and make the minor adjustments necessary to connect with your audience on personal level. Of course, we are creating purposeful content that can be applied to the multiple channels where your audience hangs out. That could be social channels, search, social selling platforms, blog posts, articles, news, long-form publications and traditional media. Your new content will resonate with people who shared value in your message.

​Compelling, Captivating and Concise Messaging

We know that you have many choices when it comes to developing your Web content. We know there are discount services, templated themes and low cost Web designers; however, reaching your audience won't happen until you develop and follow a winning content strategy. Every Web page needs to deliver authoritative content, a compelling message and be concise. Your content should be well organized and meet Search Engine Optimization rules and have a singular focus.

If you have questions about Creating your Core Message and/or developing solid content, schedule your FREE Solution Strategy Session today!