Graphic Design

Be Creative. Be Clear. Be Consistent.

If a picture says thousand words,​​ your Website should tell your story. Your message is too important to get lost in the noise of today's busy world. People don't want to see your advertisement, they want to hear your story and connect to your identity. A cogent design and consistent image builds loyalty and trust with those who want to connect with you.

That's why we're here... To connect you with your audience and help your audience identify with you!

Graphic Design and Visual Identity

Where and when do you connect with your audience? Establishing your brand and your visual elements with your audience is how you connect with them. Your company or personal image should relate to your customers at first sight. Your brand, brand image, value proposition must be clear, relevant and compelling. Your visual identity should include a Brand Guide that specifies how and when it should and shouldn't be used.

The stylized aspect of your branding may include your new logo, typography, image sets, color palettes and words You can use your Visual Identity for various kinds of media and allows you to have consistency across them. You may also be thinking about whether you want to also Trademark your brand. Hiring a design professional will guarantee that you have the brand and documentation that your IP attorney will need to proceed with the Trademark process.

Marketing, Advertising and Collateral

Your next opportunity to reach your audience is through your marketing, advertising and sales collateral. Your visual identity is important elements for both print and digital assets because most people respond to visual concepts, prior to reading your copy. Marketing graphic design creates a positive first impression, reinforces your message, and projects your image into the minds of your audience. Your visual material helps decision makers understand your offer and intended solution to their business problem. This can include things like brochures, print media advertisements, e-mail marketing templates, posters, and infographics.

User Interface Graphic Design

User Interface Graphic Design is a specific type of design which relates to how a person interacts with a device or application in a visual way. The user interface (UI) should be designed in a way that is clear how it interacts with users and is pleasant to use. The goal for an effectively designed UI is to balance technical functionality with the visual elements the user interacts with, such as buttons, menus, forms, and other similar items. The aesthetic of the UI can be used in a way to enhance or display your branding.

Publication Graphic Design

Publication Graphic Design relates to packets of long-form information that are to be distributed publicly. This can include print or digital media. This type of design works with layout, imagery, typography and other elements to effectively display and present the desired information. Publications can be things like books, magazines, directories, and newsletters.

Packaging Graphic Design

Does your product packaging reinforce the value of your product? You may have the best widget on the market, but if its packaging sends the wrong message, your products value diminishes as well. Graphic Design for packaging is a highly specialized market, as it considers many different elements. Effective packaging can be used to further market your brand and intentions and story of your product.